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이름: Swarovski Gems Authorized Distributor Certificate
발행: Swarovski Gems
시작일: 2010-09-09
이름: Swarovski Certificate
발행: Swarovski
시작일: 2014-01-06
이름: Real Gold Plated accessories
발행: China guangdong province quality supervision jewelry precious metal products inspection center
시작일: 2012-12-17
이름: Ceramic inner water cup
시작일: 2017-09-19
이름: Certificate of conformity
발행: CE
시작일: 2004-10-07
설명: the tests were performed in normal operation mode the test results apply only to the particular sample tested and to the specific tests carried out this certificate applies specifically to the sample inestigated in out test reference number only
이름: Leather logo use certificate
발행: China Leather Factory Association
시작일: 2010-10-27
설명: Beihai Queen Beijihuanghou brand leather clothing products have been approved to meet the requirements of leather logo products to use the leather logo
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